The re-interment of Paddy McGrath in 1948 – notes from Ruairí Ó Brádaigh

In December 2017, the National Graves Association launched a campaign to reinter the remains of the National Invincibles, currently buried in Kilmainham Gaol and give them a dignified burial in Glasnevin Cemetery. Since the formation of the Irish Freestate, re-interments of Irish republicans were nothing unusual.
While the re-interment of Roger Casement is widely known, there were more occasions of Irish nationalists being re-interned throughout the 20th century. [Mehr lesen…]

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Saoradh and the „onslaught of harassment” in Derry – the numbers

On Thursday morning, May 9, again three houses were raided, and four people arrested under terrorism legislation in Derry. The four males, aged 15, 18, 38, 51, were taken to the Serious Crime Suite in Musgrave Station. In a statement, the Republican party Saoradh spoke of an “onslaught of harassment”. [Mehr lesen…]

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Video: Saoradh Easter commemoration 2019

gpo-small.jpgI received some of the video footage removed from the internet by representatives of Saoradh. While some people will disagree with my decision, I decided to upload the video footage. Here I explain why…
On Thursday, May 18, activist and journalist Lyra McKee was shot dead by a masked gunman during riots residents and the PSNI in Derry’s Creggan estate. [Mehr lesen…]

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Workshop report: Stories of Lives, Lives of Stories

Walter Benjamin reminds us that “history is made up of fragments and absences. What is left out is as significant as what is included”. According to Grant McCracken, life stories are accounts given by an individual about his/her life; they become life stories when they are validated by other sources.[1] Hence, other than in personal documents, the object is the individual whose history we reconstruct. [Mehr lesen…]

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Book review: Irish Republican media activism

How to inform supporters and the public about its political ideology is a regular point of discussion for all political organisations; even more so for radical organisations who cannot rely on the mainstream media for spreading their message. This is particularly true for Irish Republican organisations that developed a critical analysis of the peace process.
While an increasing number of organisations opposed to the current settlement have emerged in the past 20 years, in recent years, none of them was able to provide a lasting platform for political debate. [Mehr lesen…]

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Former Irish Republican prisoner receives chilling warning. Why?

Over the past few days, graffiti emerged in parts of West Belfast, sending out a shivering message to former Irish Republican prisoner Danny McClean. One of these messages appeared on a gable wall on Lenadoon Avenue saying: “Danny McClean UDR RIP.”
In early January, McClean’s stood trial for IRA memberships charges, accused of being a member of the paramilitary group Óglaigh na hÉireann. However, Judge Smyth “agreed to leave the IRA charge ‘on the books and not to proceed with’ in the case of (…) Daniel Joseph Anthony McClean (52) of Lagmore Gardens”. [Mehr lesen…]

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Oral History In Post-Conflict Societies: Experiences From Researching The Northern Ireland Troubles

The past five or so years were rather difficult for those conducting interviews in Ireland. Nonetheless, interviews remain an essential source for those of us researching political violence and the Northern Irish Troubles. Since the debacle of the Belfast Oral History Project at Boston College (BC), narrators greet oral historians in the best case with increasing suspicion, in the worst case with open hostility. [Mehr lesen…]

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Oral history and the Troubles: The importance of trust and the role of the interviewer

As several of the blog posts of Writing the Troubles illustrate, oral history is a particularly controversial subject in Northern Ireland. The past years have been a difficult time for researchers looking to use interviews with former paramilitaries and those advocating political violence, particularly since the “Boston College (BC) Oral History Project” debacle. Nonetheless, oral history not only provides a useful avenue into understanding political violence but talking to (former) activists often remains the only source available to researchers.
Since the controversy over the BC project, potential interview partners are increasingly suspicious. [Mehr lesen…]

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State Papers, Sinn Féin & Federalism

The last days of December traditionally bring the release of state papers after the 30-year embargo. Accordingly, the last couple of days saw the release of hundreds of previously secret government files dating from 1988 in Dublin and Belfast. Among the more interesting stories circulating in the Irish media is a meeting between Provisional Republicans and representatives of the Loyalist UVF. [Mehr lesen…]

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Interview with new Saoradh chairperson Brian Kenna

brian.jpgAt their third Ard-Fheis (AGM) on 17/18 November in Dundalk, Co Louth, the Irish republican party Saoradh elected a new chairperson. Brian Kenna from Dublin succeeded Davy Jordan from Co Tyrone who chaired the party since its formation two years ago. Kenna, such as Jordan, is a former republican prisoner. [Mehr lesen…]

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