IRA Easter Statement 2020 appears in Derry


On Easter Monday morning, an Easter statement issued by “the Irish Republican Army” and signed “T. O’Neill” appeared in Derry. Plain white posters with the statement in black ink were glued on numerous walls in nationalist districts of the city.

The statement reads:

”We salute the Volunteers of the Irish Republican Army and applaud their discipline, determination and continuing steadfast commitment to the cause for which those we commemorate have given their lives. (…)

“Responsibility for the ongoing conflict rests firmly on the shoulders of the British Government. While British occupation persists particularly throughout those who implement its policies via Stormont, the Irish people are denied their right to national self-determination and sovereignty. Faced with this reality we remain committed to bringing the British government’s undemocratic rule of the occupied part of our country to an end.

“While we face an unprecedented health crisis, it won’t be long until Brexit and it’s continuing difficulties for Britain re-emerges. This has reinvigorated the topic of a reunified Ireland. Revisionist agendas and former Republicans turned British politicos endorsing a Border poll will not force the hand of the British establishment. They listen to one thing and one thing only: physical force.

“Despite an increased Crown Force presence and a restocked war chest, we have demonstrated again and again that we retain the capacity and resources to continue to strike against those maintaining British occupation. Everyone should be assured that we are united, we are strong and we remain steadfast in our determination to achieve our objectives.

We have repeated often in the past and do so again now; the IRA can strike at will. We warn the public to be aware of this and to remain a safe stance from Crown Force vehicles at all time.

“In commemorating those who have died in the cause of freedom our most fitting trbute2 is a renewal of our commitment to the cause for which they selflessly gave their lives. Our objectives remain the reunification of our country and the establishment of a 32 County Socialist Republic. We will not be deflected from these.”

The statement was signed “T. O’Neill”: While the Provisional IRA used the name “P. O’Neill” during their campaign, the use of the name “T. O’Neill” appeared in recent years in statements issued by the organisation “the Irish Republican Army”, which is commonly referred to as “New IRA”.

One of the statements that appeared in Derry over the Easter weekend.

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